Holistic Kinesiology Practitioner Training

Holistic Kinesiology Practitioner Training: Becoming an effective practitioner

Interested in developing a career in the world of natural health and healing?  Here is a course that can pay for itself very quickly and leave you in an earning position in just a few months.

More importantly, you will learn how to really help people who are unwell in ways that you could never have imagined possible, including family and friends.

The course is in kinesiology, a profoundly simple information gathering system that uses the person’s own muscles to obtain bio-feed back which tells the client what they themselves need to do to get well.  Now for the first time in Ireland a unique 12 day programme is being offered which teaches you the foundational skills that you need to get immediate results.
(The training takes place over 6 week-ends, and is taught in a hands on workshop environment so really ‘get it’)