Survival Stress: Advanced Clearing Techniques

Survival Stress: Advanced Clearing Techniques (unlocking your survival system)

Built into the unconscious mind of every person is a powerful system that functions in the limbic part of your brain and whose sole function is to ensure that you don’t die.
That is: You survive ! This is your survival system.

This remarkable part of your supercomputer does not function in the normal way. It is triggered by the amygdala which instigates the fight and flight response. These programs hi-jack normal response functions and make it impossible to think logically. Thinking is too slow…Action is needed. Blood rushes to the extremities, blood sugar, blood pressure and heart rate rise and get you ready to run or fight. All this happens in an instant and is facilitated by adrenalin and cortisol, and much of the time it does save your life!

This course allows you access and diffuse deep survival stress that is often the cause of many unresolved health issues.