There are two types of kinesiology

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There are two types of kinesiology

If you google kinesiology you’ll find a lot of information about the physical aspects of the human body. How muscles work and how to fix physical issues relating to movement.  This is traditional kinesiology as seen from a more medical viewpoint.

However there is another form of kinesiology called holistic kinesiology. This is a much different approach to working with the human body. It encompasses a holistic viewpoint understanding that there is more to us as humans than just the physical body. The only real similarity between the two forms of kinesiology is the fact that they both monitor muscles. In the case of holistic kinesiology we will use a muscle monitor to identify the underlying cause of a problem which it’s always connected to the less than physical part of you: that is your unconscious and subconscious mind.

There are many types of holistic kinesiology. For more information on this you can see the article the history of kinesiology which explains where holistic kinesiology came from and how it has developed..

I think it is fair to say that if you want to deal with the underlying cause of your problem you definitely need to find a holistic kinesiologist to help you. Physical kinesiologists, physical therapists, and physios only work on the effect, ie. the pain or movement restriction.  They seldom treat the cause.  Holistic kinesiology looks for and tackles the cause.

You will often be delighted and surprised at how quickly holistic kinesiology works. Remember kinesiology is not a therapy in its own right. It is simply a means of finding out what therapy your body wants to engage in, in order to heal the problem. And the good news is that everybody can learn to do this in its simplest form in just a one day course.