Your complete guide to holistic kinesiology

Vitality through kinesiology

Your complete guide to holistic kinesiology

Holistic kinesiology is a new and exciting science that encompasses every aspect of our being.  You may or may not know that you were created as a spirit with a soul living in a body.  This will make sense to you if you simply observe life.  It is all too magnificent and complex to have just happened by chance.

When you were created the life force that gives you life was breathed into you. Through an extraordinary process the two little cells in the beginning multiplied billions of times to create a human body.  But your human body is much more than a physical object. You know you have thoughts and feelings, you know you have emotions, and you know that these affect your physical body..

There are also many unseen energy systems that energise our body and keep us healthy (acupuncture meridians being just one of these).  Modern medicine and science looks at the world through Newtonian physics glasses. This simply means that if you cannot see it and measured it doesn’t exist. Clearly this is not a valid position, for you have a motions which you cannot see or measure.  To understand how things really work we need to take a look at quantum physics

Over 100 years ago Albert Einstein stated that there is no other reality but energy. He told the Newtonian physicists that they really had everything upside down and that everything was a lot more connected than we realise.  Holistic kinesiology allows you to investigate this fascinating area.  For example, you can identify the emotions that are behind a physical health condition and find natural solutions to resolve the problems.

The complete guide to holistic kinesiology includes a history of holistic kinesiology as well as techniques to investigate  blocks in your acupuncture meridians, chakras, figure is energies, thoughts, feelings and attitudes.  We will look at ways to join the dots and find natural solutions including affirmations,  light, sound, flower essences, homeopathy, frequencies, nutritional supplements and dietary adjustment to name but a few.

Critically, you will be empowered to take responsibility for your own health and find wonderful natural solutions to bring vitality back into your life. We will deal with each of these topics in subsequent blogs